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Book Chapters

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 Peer‐Reviewed Journal Publications:

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Research Supervision - PhD

  1. Dr Patrick Davis - Associate Supervisor, Completed 2014 (Swinburne University) - 'A Comparison of Firm-developed and Consumer-developed Online Brand Communities'.

  2. Dr Thomas Gaarnstroom - Associate Supervisor, Completed 2018 (Deakin University) - 'Determining and Characterising Consumer Segments: A case of MMA in Australia'.

  3. Dr Damien Whitburn - Primary Supervisor, Completed 2018 (Deakin University) - 'Exploring Integrated Marketing Communication Disconnects in the Australian Sport System'.

  4. Dr Daniel Pelchen - Primary Supervisor, Completed 2019 (Deakin University) - 'Quantifying Draft Value in Prospective Australian Football League Draftees'.

  5. Carleigh Yeomans - Primary Supervisor (Swinburne University) - ‘Process Quality, Outcome Quality and Wellbeing in Leisure Centres’

  6. Chelsey Taylor - Associate Supervisor (Swinburne University) - ‘Assessing the social impact of AFL with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities’

Research Supervision - Honours

  1. 2011 Dr Hannah MacDougall* (Primary Supervisor)

  2. 2012 Dr Thomas Gaarnstroom* (Primary Supervisor)

  3. 2013 Dr Damien Whitburn* (Primary Supervisor)

  4. 2014 Mr Mitchell Watts (Primary Supervisor)

  5. 2014 Dr Daniel Pelchen* (Primary Supervisor)

  6. 2017 Ms Chelsey Taylor (Associate Supervisor)

  7. 2018 Ms Ella Scott (Primary Supervisor)

 *Current or Past APA Scholarship holder/Doctoral Candidate