Research Bio

Adam's main research areas are concerned with:

  • Sport Fan Equity, specifically season ticket holder and membership service experience related to satisfaction/value, engagement and organisation-fan relationships. 
  • Innovation in Sport Business, looking at networks, ecosystems and the role of organisations and stakeholders in leading innovation outcomes.

Additionally, Adam undertakes research and supervises research students in organisational design, consumer behaviour, sponsorship and branding, community oriented practices of sport teams, data analytics and digital media.

    Sample Industry and Academic Projects

    • Satisfaction, Value and Customer Experience: 10+ year project developing best practice measurement and bench-marking of season ticket holder and member servicing in league wide applications. Includes over 40 teams and league wide projects with two top 10 attended global professional sport leagues. 
    • Prediction and Behaviour Change: Application of statistical and data mining led predictive models for churn and renewal, donation programs, and promotion uptake. Identifies drivers of churn for different products and contexts and tests applications and interventions for organisations.
    • Audience Measurement/ Segmentation: Projects have been undertake market sizing to determine volume of league and team fan bases, conversion and market/audience characteristics. Segmentation models have been developed for major leagues/teams for both established and new teams/products.
    • Fan Engagement Measurement: Project is building and testing measurement structures, drivers and outcomes of brand engagement to guide practice and design of real and virtual engagement activities.
    • Brand and Sponsorship: Includes in-depth measurement of brand development and sponsor recall over time.  Specific projects include a focus on measurement of cognitive and affective stages of the consumer sponsorship process applied to club wide sponsorship portfolios.
    • Innovation, Data and Competitive Advantage: Study assessing ecosystems of networked innovation in the sport business sector. Includes identification and mapping of innovations and data-led solutions for sport business and refinement of measurement of innovation orientation of organisations and role of stakeholders in networked innovation ecosystems. 

    Sample Research Partners

    • Professional Leagues and Teams (Australian Football League, Cricket Australia/Big Bash League & A-League Clubs and overseas League/teams)
    • Leisure and Recreation Centres 
    • National/State Organisations

    Current Project List

    • Customer Equity in Professional Sport Teams/Leisure Services
    • Prediction and Behaviour Change in Professional Sport/Leisure Services
    • Fan Engagement: Measurement, Antecedents and Outcomes
    • Media Dominant Consumption
    • Innovation Measurement and Adoption in Sport Organisations / The Networked Innovation Ecosystem in Sport
    • Analytics and Competitive Advantage for Sport Organisations
    • Measurement in Sport Fan Research - Response Bias and Halo Effect Measurement in Sport Consumer Research Settings